ICT Navigation Anency :   

 ICT Navigation Agency as a Licensed Navigation Angency in Egypt.The company was established in 1973 by Mr.Mohamed El Sawah who was working since 1963 at the Egyptian Maritime Company as the Executive Manager for Loading Operations. Capt. Ihab El Sawah then joined the company after working for Ten years as a Marine Captain, then Dr.Yasser El Sawah joined the company too and soon ICT Navigation Agency was to become one of the most advanced Shipping Agencies in Egypt.


ICT Navigation Agency handles everything concerning vessel & cargo, from the moment of its arrival to the harbour & arranging the procedures from harbour operations including pilotage operations, Tug & quay Labour, other procedures  to such as, stevedoring, bunkering, ship's supply service, crew changes, forwarding & transshipment. We offer you Excellent DA (Preforma Invoice) with services at port.

ICT Navigation Agency's success was indeed phenomenal. Since its establishment, it has achieved and exceeded more than expectation. It was approved and certified by EIFFA and eventually by FIATA. Since then, we maintain the momentum of ICT Navigation Agency growth. Hence, its position among the top and most reputable agencies in Egypt.

    In a competitive global market, maintaining our reputation as a company of professional integrity in the perception of both our clients and staff is ranked as top priority. We are therefore very selective regarding potentiol clients, strictly adhering to international standards when serving them.

    This tradition and the pillars of our success were set by the founders, foreign business partners and our dedicated staff members to meet the challenges. Moreover, all this enabled us to expand our services smoothly and successfully to include the numerous and various service in the field.

    Based on this modern and dynamic structure we were able to excel in the field and achieve our mission with the same brand of professionalism and commitment that has ensured the success of each and every endeavor.


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