We are authorized Shipping Agency for all kinds of ships, settled in Alexandria (Head Office), which carry out all the
activities & services to the ship, since ship's notice of arrival till
sailing departure, all other services, & etc. & loading / unloading
services inside all Egyptian ports. We are rich in personal and
professional experiences of more than twenty nine years in the shipping
sector. Our company has been acting as a sub agent for the world wide
owners & agents in all ports in Egypt.

     Our wide experience enables us to provide a reliable and professional service in shipping for any type of vessel and port operations. Needless to say we are also qualified agents for regular shipping lines. The Company Provides Logistics services to businesses of any scale, and offers a comprehensive product profile whose scope covers small single transactions, to complete capital projects.

     Cargo handling at ports , loading discharge and transportation of cargo by land and canals in the frame work of covering laws & regulations .

     All services demanded by vls. whether at sea , ports and / or quays including usual services and / or urgent services in accordance with the working laws and decrees.

      We will make every effort to offer you the best possible services and collaboration through our head office with all the attention that your business requires. We offer the facilities toward grow the business.


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